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About “Saby” Foundation

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I am often asked why I amworking for charity and have established the foundation.

There is a stable stereotype in society positing that people get down to charity work mainly to get good publicity or launder money, or after they have experienced personal tragedy.

I am doing work for charity because of the constant internal need to be useful and necessary, and it is not enough for me to be necessary only for my family and friends. And I am by no means seeking or craving after kudos: I have been doing it chiefly for myself. I think that this is not a temporary or age-related drive, because 15 years of working in the fund have not exhausted it. Most likely, it’s forever. I have not got the great gift to heal the sick, and I am not able to expungeorphans’ burning memories of childhood that may have been full of cruelty and injustice. I have only a great desire and vision of how to qualitatively improve the life of people having difficult fate.

I will not tell you how much has been done in these 15 years now or praise the results of the Foundation’s activities. I am convinced that time will prove the need and effectiveness of our undertakings.

I must say that the years of charitable work have given very much to me personally: it is participation in the destinies of complete strangers, realization of the fact that we can overcome any difficult situations working together, and a vision of how human mercy changes the lives of others. All this gives me a feeling of satisfaction and makes my life full.

Saby Charitable Foundation is my pet project that never once has betrayed or disappointed me during these years. It has made all my ideas and cherished desires fulfilled, even those that were the most audacious ones. I am endlessly grateful to everyone who has taken part in the life of our foundation: to all our friends, donators, and sponsors!

And special thanks to my devoted team, a team of like-minded people!

Yours ever,
Asel Tasmagambetova

“Saby” continues to search for talents

By | Alem – support of young talents

“Saby” continues to search for talents The program for supporting young talents “Alem” continues to search for new talents. In new season, the young violinist from Pavlodar Omar Kuanyshev became the first who attracted attention.

Now Omar is studying at Special Musical Boarding School for gifted children named after K. Bayseitova. He wants to continue his further studies at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire.

The well-known musician Yerkebulan Saparbayev and our permanent expert Renat Gaisin were invited to evaluate the skill of the young musician. Omar, taking the instrument, from the first notes was able to evoke sympathy of a jury and get their positive appraisals, brilliantly performing fast and difficult fragments of famous works. Famous Kazakh musicians after the performance of the young violinist were unanimous in their opinion – he should develop his talent and work on his improvement.

That is why the management of “Saby” foundation decided to accept Omar to the list of participants of “Alem” program and support him in studying at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire. After all, dreams necessarily must come true!

School Construction in Almaty. Stages

By | The High-school for 1200 places at the Almaty cit

School Construction in Almaty. Stages With coming of warm weather, builders are working in a more strengthened regime at the object “Comprehensive secondary school for 1200 places in Nauryzbay region of Almaty.” The works on installation of stained-glass windows and the filling of the openings are being completed, there has been conducted purchase of all technical equipment and furniture. Works on landscaping and facade decoration have been started. Commissioning is planned for August 2017.

Career Aptitude Testing 2016-2017, Stage II

By | Project "Education"

Career Aptitude Testing 2016-2017, Stage II The spring holidays are coming to an end, and schoolchildren are to get down to the last academic term. The school leavers who have not decided on their future profession yet are pressed for time to make their choice.

Within the framework of the educational project of the Saby Foundation, the second stage of career aptitude testing involving 42 students of sponsored children’s organizations has been held this week. The first stage was held as early as in October last year.

According to the children, having passed special tests, they were able to open new perspectives for their future development, and consultations provided by an experienced psychologist helped them to choose a specialty they would like to study at higher educational establishments.

Happy International Women’s Day!

By | news

 Happy International Women's Day! Dear ladies, with all our heart congratulate you with 8th of March!

May this day and the following ones give you warm sentiments and uplift. Be healthy, happy, and beloved.
May all the difficulties and hardships come by you and those who you love. It is you who fill the world with beauty, tenderness and harmony!

Ever Yours, Saby Fund

Results for the contest “Build your business 2016-2017”

By | news

Results for the contest “Build your business 2016-2017” Today in Almaty the Saby Charity Foundation has announced results for the contest “Build your business” which is held already for the fourth time. During all this time this contest grew out of a competition, and became the pioneer project comprehensively supporting young businessmen of our country.

Contest was announced in November of last year, and during this time 434 businessmen from all Kazakhstan at the ages from 18 to 35 years took part in it. The short list included 33 projects. After detailed consideration of business plans and interviews with participants 8 finalists were chosen by the screening committee, they earned reward for the total amount of $ 220,000.

The biggest grant in the amount of $ 50,000 was handed to the project “Expansion of production of clothes and accessories for future mothers of a Dariya brand, Aktau (

Each of the 3 finalists have received $ 30,000:

1. Complex repair base on servicing of tractors and special equipment of Almaty region, Taldykorgan (;
2. Agrarian complex, national economy Tansar, Karaganda region, Abay (;
3. Daryinka Plant on production of dairy products, settlement of Chebotarevo, Zelenovsky district, West Kazakhstan region. (

Except them, other 4 winning projects are defined in the contest; they have been awarded $ 20,000:

1. “Qazaqstudy. Kazakh language learning”, Almaty (;
2. “Uncle woodpecker”. Workshop of wooden furniture and toys”, Almaty (;
3. “Aquapoint – water sources for health”, Almaty (;
4. “Balalaroom. Production of childish sports board games”, Almaty (

The following participants of contest have got additional non-financial support in a type of projects promotion and free advertizing from partners of Fund Saby:

1. Tumar. Creation and sale of reflecting clothes and accessories, education in the sphere of road safety, Almaty; (;
2. Invamade gift shop, Almaty

We thank all the projects for participation in the contest and wish you success in the development of your business!

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For the Attention of Young Poets!

By | Alem – support of young talents

For the Attention of Young Poets! The acceptance of applications for participation in the Seventh Poetical Contest in the State language announced by Saby Foundation is continued.

The grand prize is a notebook and the possibility to study free on a grant of the “Alem” Young Talents Support Program in one of the humanitarian universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Be quick to send your best poems to

Details are here.

Brusilovsky Street

By | The streets of southern capital

Brusilovsky Street Street named after Y.G. Burisilovsky runs from north to south almost through the center of Tastak microdistrict in Almaly district of Almaty city. It found its present name only in the period of the sovereignty of our country, and until the middle 1990s, this street was named after Lev Rudnev.

Yevgeny Grigorievich Brusilovsky (1905—1981) was the Soviet composer, People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1936), Laureate of Stalin Prize of the second degree (1948).

He is an author of the first Kazakh operas and orchestral works. Nine operas, four ballet, nine symphonies and about 500 songs and romances were written by the composer.
He is co-author of the National Anthem’s of Kazakhstan music of 1945-1992 and 1992-2006.

In 1931 Yevgeny Grigorievich graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory. He arrived in Alma-Ata with the direction of the USSR Union of Composers in 1933. He succeeded to get quickly into the depths of the Kazakh melodies, to feel them, and, as they say, to express the echo of his creative reading of Kazakh folk music in the sounds of classical music forms.
The life around Brusilovsky became bright and active. Young musically gifted Kazakhs reach out for him. During the lifetime Yevgeny Brusilovsky could be proud not with only solidly written works, but also with pleiad of talented students who have become the classics of the first Kazakh professional music.

The name of Yevgeny Brusilovsky stands among such leading figures of Kazakhstan classical music as Ahmet Zhubanov, Mukan Tulebaev, Latif Hamidi, Yerkegali Rakhmadiyev, Bakhytzhan Baikadamov, Sydyk Mukhamedzhanov.

Student life in Israel

By | Alem – support of young talents

Student life in Israel Six months ago, the Saby Foundation awarded grants for education at the Higher School of Computer of Israel to five best graduates of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Almaty. Immediately after the departure of our students we monitor their progress and life and today we are excited to receive news about their achievement of good results in study.

But not all seemed so rosy and easy for the students upon arrival in a foreign country. At first, the guys could not get used to the delivery mode that is different from our one, felt the language barrier as 85% of their fellow-students spoke Hebrew. The lecturers and supervisors of the Institution of Israel helped them to cope with the difficulties they had combining the Kazakh and Israeli students into a single cohesive and friendly team.

The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Israel has provided substantial help in adaptation of the students often inviting them to the events organized in honor of the national holidays of the country, such as the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, New Year, etc.

Despite the difficult curriculum, the guys enjoy studying at the Israeli University. According to them all lecturers are tolerant and the fellow students are very friendly and kindly.

Construction of the Social Residence Hall. Stages

By | Social hostel for the orphanage leavers in the cit

Let us sum up the results of one of the most serious stages of the construction of the Social Residence Hall for graduates of orphanages in the city of Aktobe.

Today, at the facility, the work on installing the off-site general utilities has been fully completed, and all relevant documents have been submitted to government agencies so that the facility will be accepted into service.

The interior finishing works in all the residential facilities have also been completed, the finishing work on the site improvement are scheduled for the spring.


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